Erasmus in Schools has started! 
On March 18th, exchange students from MRU and one mentor went to Švenčionių Zigmo Žemaičio gymnasium. 
Students who visited this school are from Germany, Slovakia, China, Italy and France. In Švenčionys they presented MRU, Erasmus+ programme and their home countries. 
Right after arrival, guests were invited to chemistry classwhere they could see interesting experiments. After this class, MRU exchange students introduced their home countries. School students were interested in finding out many new things about every country. Later on, guests were invited to watch the final rehearsal of one of the show where even teachers showed their singing skills! Our exchange students were suprised to see such a nice performance :) 
After this performance, Career manager Asta Abramovičienė invited the guests for a cup of tea and small talk about life in Lithuania from exchange students' perspective. 

This was still not the end of this trip! In the afternoon, Erasmus+ students went to see Bėlio lake and took a small tour around Švenčionys. All exchange students were very happy to have such a nice visit to Zigmo Žemaičio gymnasium and to spend great time together with Lithuanian students.