It was a simple winter day. Not cold, not warm, nothing special. But few Mykolas Romeris university Erasmus students and mentors decided to make this day special. Special for them and animals of Tautmilės animal shelter. It was a day to remind about Social Erasmus activities. Animal shelter was chosen. Small group of Erasmus people wanted to look how Lithuanians take care of animals which are left alone and far away from their real home.

All visitors had a lot of fun! They took the dogs for a walk. Or maybe let‘s say dogs took students for a walk. Students had the possibility to touch and cuddle with dogs. But not all of them because Tautmilės animal shelter has around 70 dogs and a lot of them are asocial. These are the dogs who need a lot of time to get used with the people and they don‘t like strangers. Just volunteers of this animal shelter can be with these doggies.

Although students couldn‘t enjoy time with all dogs, they could touch almost all cats in Tautmilės animal shelter. And there are around 100 cats! Most of the cats are living in one cozy room with a lot of furniture for cats. It looks like heaven for cats… and perfect room for old lonely woman with 100 cats.

ESN MRU Vilnius is hoping that everybody enjoyed the time, especially animals. And Tautmiles animal shelter is all the time waiting for people who would like to volunteer and have more great time together :)