This weekend few ESN’ers/mentors took some students to see how poor abandoned lithuanian animals live. In our country these places aren’t supported by our goverment and they mostly excist out of donations and the help of wonderfull volunteers! So it was decided to go, help and hope that exchange students might want to help again in the future!


In our surprise the interest in going was bigger than intended so we had thought of an idea to separate students in to two groups (morning and evening groups) since the maximum number of people needed in one time was bigger two times! To go to that place it was far to go but it didn’t scare us. SO: we got gloves, companions to walk with (dogs) and we hit the road to the nearest woods. After a long walk we got back, donated some things and took few pictures, we had big smiles on our faces and asked for instructions how can we come again separately if we would like to help again!

All those who would like to come and help again, you have to visit their google calender, check out what days and times there a least people, write yourself down and of course come and help (If you can’t come anymore, you need to write in the calender or call them, IT’S VERY IMPORTANT). Here is the calender: (you need to add it by clicking the icon on the right down corner: google kalendorius)

We invite all who live in Vilnius to join in and help!

Thank you “Tautmilės prieglauda” for having us.

To see the pictures, visit our facebook page: ESN MRU Vilnius