In the beginning of May ESN MRU Vilnius organized second bicycle trip for Erasmus students. On a sunny sunny Sunday we had many special occasions: mother’s day, international day of moving for health, social week. Because of that special occasion bicycle trip was named as green trip and it finished our SocialErasmus week perfectly.
During Vilnius byCycle event Erasmus had extraordinary possibility to explore beautiful nature around Vilnius. Cycling trip started from Velotakas office, situated in old town. After this exchange students crossed Gedimimo prospect, in which one they shortly could watch special events for day of moving for health. Here was small market and special games for Vilnius habitants and visitors. Later cyclers crossed cathedral square, Užupis and continue trip until first stop – leisure park and restaurant Belmontas. Here students took a rest, walked around nice park and enjoyed sun baths. Next point of trip was Pučkorių atodanga. From this hill it was possible to enjoy breathtaking panorama of Pavilnių regional park. Also close to this hill is a bunker and Erasmus students crossed it in total dark.
After small adventures, brake for snacks, students with new powers continued the trip. They crossed Antakalnis and Verkių districts, way of crosses in Jaruzalė. Last point was near the Green lakes. Here cyclers could relax, enjoy sun, fresh weather, BBQ organised by lovely mentors and perfect company. Even the braviest exchage student from Moldovia wasn‘t afraid to swim in a lake.
After few hours of relaxing Erasmus cyclied to Velotakas office, gave back bicycles, which became good friends during cycling trip.
Students finished trip tired, with some body haches, but happy that they had possibility to spend active and adventurous Sunday. Also they received many good emotions and motivation to participate in other events organized by ESN MRU Vilnius :)

More happy moments: