One mentor from our section heard about this celebration happening in a beautiful heritage place of Lithuania called Rumšiškės. She suggested to visit and see more interesting and traditional things and feel more authenticity.


So a small group of adventure seeking exchange students and mentors got on the road. There we saw a lot of interesting masks and outfits. Tasted some pancakes as they are the main dish to eat at this celebration. But there was also an opportunity to win some food, the mentors had to answer old riddles or questions about about old lithuanian traditions(it was in Lithuanian so it they could translate that fast so nobody else would answer faster). Some of them even danced while lithuanians sang a song about pancakes! They walked trough by a piece of wood that had been dragged by rope and they could hit it with sticks.


In one old house it was possible to take a picture with old traditional clothes! And there is one photo of proof. After that we went to near a stage where was concert. When it finished straight ahead they went to see the most important tradition of this celebration the burning of “Morė”. Before they had a fight between Kanapinis and Lašininis, which is also what is done at this day.


Finally after a long and chilly day we hope we scared away the winter with this celebration and will have warmer weather so we could enjoy more of the beautiful Lithuania!


More pictures visit our facebook page: ESN MRU Vilnius