ESN MRU Vilnius has recently visited our neighbor country Poland. Day 1 of the trip started in Krakow where the students had an opportunity to see the old town, churches and cathedrals and hear a lot of interesting facts concerning the life of the people in different times throughout the history. Later in the evening there was a pub crawl (some rumors were heard that people loooved it). On the second day the visit to Auschwitz concentration camp and  Nazi concentration camp in Oświęcim took place. It was a really sensual experience getting to know about this unbelievably hard time. The barracks and gas chambers were shown to us and it almost got some people in tears. On a day spent in Warsaw once again we had a guided tour and a whole evening free to ourselves and the last day was spent in beautiful Gdansk, having this unusual experience of a night tour and stunning view of the sights.

Thank you Scanbalt for making this amazing adventure come true!

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