On dark early morning erasmus program students gathered on the bus for long trip to Finland, Lapland. 

During the ride we had an opportunity see the sights of Latvia and it's shore, also Estonia's nature. Since we had to travel about 1700 kilometers by bus, we had a lot of stops, so we already had a chance to introduce to one another, because there were students from different universitys. When we reached Tallinn we got on the ferry to reach Finland. There we had a chance to eat at different places, go shopping for souvenirs, see band performing their songs live, sing karaoke or go on the top of the ferry and feel the strong wind and see some lights from the shore.

As we arrived to a very cozy place in municipality of Savukoski we had our steaming lunch, got instructions about the place and settled down in our rooms. On that day there was a possibility to go skiing, going to the village, slide down the slopes, play with the snow and just go sight seeing. During all three day we were in Savukoski in the evening we had saunas that not only warmed us up but also refreshed our skin. All the brave ones ran in the snow after it.

Next day we went to reindeer safari. The animals were actually wild so as we were near them we had to be as quiet as possible so we wouldn't scare them. Taking turns the reindeer pulled our sleds and we went throught the paths of the woods. After it we sat around a fire in Kota, shared hot drinks, ate traditional sweets and found out more about the reindeer and Lapland in general.

For the last  full day in Savukoski we went to husky safari and a snowmobile ride. In the husky farm we met a lot of  sweet dogs that pulled our sleds as we were controlling them. After that we took a lot of pictures and pet them since they really wanted that and were happy to get so much attention. After that we also sat in Kota near the fire with a hot drink and discussed about the huskys lives. On the snowmobile adventure first we had to learn the instructions about how to control it and how to act when we are driving it. Some were driving alone and some with a partner that swiched several times. We were going through woods on narrow road so we had to pay attenion not to go off the road. Nevertheless some even tried to go almost 100 km/h.

On the next morning we packed our bags and went to Santa's village, met the Santa himself and took a picture with him. Then we explored the village. After that we also went to a museum and saw and learned a lot of new things about the northern life how it was a century ago. 

After all these experiences we got tired so on the way back to Lithuania we slept a lot and after all these crazy things our tired faces showed big and happy smiles.