Traditional and many students every semester attracting trip organized by ESN MRU Vilnius took place last weekend… Yes yes, it’s the trip to the coast of Lithuania! Even though the Lithuanian coastline is relatively short, it does have things to offer! During the three days trip MRU Erasmus and International students could enjoy the only Lithuanian port city Klaipėda, popular resort place Palanga and incredible Curonian Spit which probably couldn’t be compared with any other place in the world. The bravest students even took the bicycles and rode from Klaipėda towards Nida, enjoying even more of unique, and UNESCO protected landscape. The other ones were having a relaxing boat trip at the same time, which started in a famous fishermen's village called Mingė. And that’s still not all… the opportunity to visit the Hill of Crosses wasn’t missed. Students had a chance to find out themselves if the atmosphere was as mysterious as it was claimed to be in this sacry place.
ESN MRU Vilnius wants to thank everybody who joined us in this memorable and well, adventurous journey! Hope all of you had fun and expanded your knowledge about Lithuania as well. See you on our next trips!