Are you wondering how our students were spending their weekend? 

Let me tell you a secret: on Saturday ESN MRU Vilnius went on the trip to Anykščiai. The day started pretty early and the first place we visited was the Horse museum where students had a chance to make their very own bread by the recipe that's already a century years old. While the bread was baking in the fireplace we went to explore the museum more and learn about the Lithuanian history a little bit and after all, we returned to get our bread and have some snacks ;)

The rest of the day students have spent outdoors. Even though the city of Anykčšiai is pretty small, it really has a lot to offer. So, the next stop was the tallest church. Everyone interested had an opportunity to see the amazing view from its tower. What's next? The treetop path and alpine coaster. Despite the fact that it was FREEZING COLD, riding the coaster didn't feel that cold haha.

Thanks to all of you for joining the trip and surviving this cold weather!

See you soon!

ESN MRU Vilnius