Well, the trip to Anykščiai was a hell of a trip you know. With the starting point at the famous and second biggest boulder in Lithuania Puntukas stone, it continued to the treetop walking path that is a few minutes away from Puntukas. Despite the fact that it was quite windy from time to time no one was blown away from the treetop path and we all could go to the next object – the highest church in Lithuania St. Matthew‘s church. Unfortunately, the students could not get into the church due to an unexpected mass held there, but the building is worth seeing anyway with the churchyard being full of artistic monuments.

After some free time, students gathered up again and had a chance to try out the alpine coaster that was a surprise to everyone. They could get into the sleds in pairs or alone, and enjoyed the ride. Afterwards, most of the students were with the tears in their eyes, explaining that that is because of the speed, wind and cold weather, but is it really? Don‘t worry, we believe you.

Last stop was the horse museum, that showed the importance of the horses to the people in earlier times. These animals not only served as the mean of the transport but also helped in growing wheat and other plants. The exhibition included old chariots and carriages, saddles and real horse. The very last activity was Lithuanian bread making according to the old traditions. In the end, everyone got a loaf of bread they made and after a long and fully occupied day, the students went back home. Hope you enjoyed it!

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