On the last Saturday of August the newbies of ESN MRU Vilnius were gathered together for the first time. What were we doing? We have been introduced to the organization and its work on so many levels.  Special thanks for that to last days in her position counting ESN Lithuania president Darija, Vice president Karolis and our ESN MRU Vilnius president Ugnė. They told us about local and national sections, projects like Mov‘in Europe, Exchangeability and these shortcuts like NB, NR, OC, AGM and so much more. They sounded more like magic words to the newbies, but with time we will all speak the same language.

Furthermore, all together the new members  and the old ones enjoyed team building activities. We had to chat with one another, do group activities, build a shelter to survive an upcoming storm and create the weirdest melodies you can imagine. From the continuous giggles you could know that everyone had fun. For the team building activities that brought us closer, we thank to Tautvydas! But the biggest THANK YOU to our HR coordinator Radvilė that organised everything and made it happen!

Pictures you can find on our facebook page