With the weather going hot & cold in the second half of May, ESN MRU Vilnius and ESN Vilnius University decided to take the risk and organized a trip to the Coast of Lithuania! It all started on an early and not-so-sunny morning, but our Erasmus students were still happy and really excited for the upcoming trip. Before going to Klaipėda – our main destination – the special bus took all students to the Hill of Crosses. Given enough free time people managed to explore the huge hill filled with all sorts of crosses and their stories and also rest a bit in front of a smiling sun. Finally after a long long trip sitting in one little chair, Erasmus students reached their rooms of Amberton hotel in Klaipėda.

     Next day a group of happy faces went to the one and only – Kuršių Nerija. After taking the ferry a guide welcomed us and told us various interesting stories of the place on the way while we could enjoy the beautiful landscape and visit some special astonishing places like The Dead Dunes, The Sundial, Nida city and so. One of the stops was optional – students could visit the renewed Dolphinarium or enjoy the sun & sea on the beach nearby. After another long, but exciting trip whole group went back to their rotoms in Klaipėda and had some free time to explore the city or just have some rest.

     Last day’s plan included visiting “The Dutch Hat’s Scarp”, Palanga city and going home. Luckily the sun was shining bright, but the wind wasn’t so welcoming. Still our active students found tons of ways how to spend their free time in Palanga, some of them even experienced some extreme swimming in the Baltic Sea! At the end of the trip a traditional group photo was made and then hit the road to Vilnius – Home sweet home!  

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