On cold November days we decided to show warm gestures and do good deeds for others to make a small part of the world a little bit better. Not one year happening Social Erasmus week project inspired us for several events.

 In the first organised event we made a form for all erasmus students as well as for mentors to write themselves down and make a childs dream come true. A Lithuanian organisation inviting everyone who can try to help lithuanian children's dreams come true. For example they want: shoes, jackets, maybe some toy and ect. You can find all of their dreams here: http://vaikusvajones.lt/

In the second event students donated blood. The event took part at Santariškės blood donation center. Participants were from different ESN sections so there were a lotof people who probably saved a life. And even though not everybody who came could donate we still really appreciate the effort.  

The last event for the week was a visit to animal shelter "Gyvybės vagonėliai". Our lovely mentors came to show some attention for the animals, bought them some food and went outside for a walk with them. To see the shelters web page go here: http://beglobis.com/   Number: +37065244093

We want to thank all erasmus students and mentors who participated in these events. But biggest thank you is for our social coordinator Kristina who organised the events.