Not so long ago ESN MRU Vilnius had few visits to some nice Lithuanian schools in which Erasmus students from various countries presented their countries, cultures and had some active talks and games with Lithuanian pupils.

First out of the three visited schools was „Žiežmariai gymnasium“ located in a little town not so far from the capital Vilnius. The meeting was scheduled on the 25th of February and five quite unique countries - Iran, China, Georgia, Ukraine and Spain - were presented to pupils of the gymnasium by our active Erasmus students. Pupils were really amused by interesting facts as well as a good sense of humor of our Erasmus guys while they were presenting their countries. At the end of presentations pupils had a great chance to get some prizes from our mentors by answering some easy question and showing their support to our foreign friends. After the whole meeting, the school offered Erasmus students a special treat - Lithuanian traditional food Cepelinai!

Next school was Alytus ,,Jotvinigiai‘‘ gymnasium. On the 9th of March two of ESN MRU Vilnius mentors took Erasmus students from four countries - Italy, Georgia, Ukraine and Czech Republic - who made their presentations to pupils of the gymnasium. Hot blooded and energetic teenagers really enjoyed a different and more interactive English language lessons with foreign guests. During the „Final Quiz“ time, pupils had shown their active participation by answering to various questions, what made Erasmus students to feel very good and smile brightly with satisfaction. After the whole meeting, students got lots of appreciation and of course good emotions!

Last for now, but definitely not the least school that our section visited on the 1st of April was French secondary school in Vilnius. 6 international students from four countries, such as Moldova, Slovakia and (of course) France had an amazing afternoon with little children of the school. The whole group of pupils were separated in to two groups: the first one got the opportunity to play games, draw pictures and talk to foreign students inside the classroom, while the second one started to play some more active games in the playground of the school. Not even a single child was left out without a hug and a bright happy smile on his/her cute face and our Erasmus students from France told that they felt like they were really at home. Just like our students and all little pupils, school's teachers were really happy as well. They gifted our participants with blessing, warm words and said that they are always welcome to come back here again!

As always Erasmus in Schools social project makes our hearts beat faster, our eyes sparkle stronger, our smiles shine brighter and fills us with a big doze of positive emotions! It broadens pupils minds and shows us all that even if we talk different languages, even if we are from different countries and have different cultures, even if our age or appearance is different, in the end we are all human and we can all be friends!