February 21 – the day of pub quiz! Usually erasmus people like this event because of three reasons.  First of all, erasmus students can meet new people or just spend good time with friends. This time we had few girls and boys who came in this event without their team, but we found a place for them immediately! It was really nice to see how people are meeting and communicating with each other.

Second reason – excitement to win and show who are the smartest in here! In University pub we felt competition in the air! It was really fun to hear applause after correct answers and see happiness in students faces. Even thought, we had objections to our answers! Yes, we are really sorry about tomato thing. Our mentor Mindaugas was shouting „It is not a vegetable, it is fruit!“. Yes, Mindaugas, it is not a vegetable, we ‘googled’ about it J We are learning and growing with all of our students too!

Third thing is atmosphere. You are sitting in a pub, drinking or eating snacks with the best company for you. What can be better on Tuesday evening? This time we had overcrowded pub! The last minutes we were moving chairs and tables from other room in University pub. But finally all of students found their places and their teams.

Of course, what pub quiz without prizes! Three first places got small prizes and first place winners got a coupon for a bowling.

Because of big interest we promise to organize at least one more pub quiz this semester! You can try to revenge then!

It was really nice to see people from different countries with different way of thinking and different cultures sharing their knowledge to each other! Thank you for your participation! See you next time.

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