Yet another one of the traditional ESN MRU Vilnius events had passed -  that is PUB QUIZ! And what is really astonishing about it that our Erasmus students wouldn‘t stop to amaze us with their participation in our events. Thank you!!!

Ok, so now a little bit about the Pub Quiz itself. The wonderful students of MRU had a 7 round quiz consisting of about 8 questions varying in different topics starting geography and a little bit of chemistry and ending with picture recognition and listening to movie soundtracks or famous people talks. In the crowded Artistai pub, everyone seemed so busy trying to make their brain work and figure out the correct answer. The atmosphere was filled with continuous chatter, disputes, and laughter. The winners were congratulated at the end of the game and given some prizes. Congratulations to the 1st place winners team“Enjoy“.

Special thanks to the event organizer Radvilė and the evening host Gabrielė and all of you who helped out. And once again thank you all who came, we appreciate it.