ESN MRU Vilnius had a Pub Crawl Event on 1st of March! It was really exciting and participants enjoyed it. They made all tasks prepared by mentors with all their hearts!


So, at 10th of March we had Pub Crawl AWARDS + little Responsible Party! At Friday, 7pm. two people with masks and loud music were walking around the dorm going to the rooms and asking people to come to Pub Crawl AWARDS!


After they went around three floors, masked people started to host the event. We had some nominations for people who stood out in Pub Crawl: "The biggest loss" - for the guy who lost his credit card, "The most Loudest" - I think it’s clear he was the most loud, "Scariest Labas. . ." - He scared a blond girl that much (he was going after her and said Labas) that she run away from him, "The most gentle kiss" - he kissed mentor (which was a task) in the most gentle way, kneeling and kissed the hand" and the last nomination for people was "No Limit" - this nomination was given to a girl who doesn’t know what does it mean to stop “if I need to do it - I will”.


Of course we had nominations for every team: "The hunters" - they got 155 telephone numbers in late evening in around 3-4 hours!!, "Imaginative" - they had the best imaginations for at least two tasks where we asked creativeness!, "Lovers" - they showed the biggest Love for mentors! And last but not least "WINNERS" - they got the most points for all the tasks. 


Through out the nominations we were playing some games and of course everything was in Responsible Party style. You can see how the games went in our photo album on facebook. All in all, both events were fun, crazy, full of smiles and even competitiveness.