On a cold January weekend,  ESN MRU Vilnius members had training for new and old members. This time it was more interesting and exciting because we could spend more time all together in a warm and cozy house outside Vilnius. On Saturday, we had some team building games which helped us to get to know each other better and workshops where we could discuss about ESN events and create solutions how we can make them more popular. After that, we had presentations about ESN, ESN Lithuania and also history and structure of ESN MRU Vilnius. Our lovely guests ESN Lithuania Communication Manager Evelina Kurtinaitytė and ESN Lithuania President Darija Kupstaitė presented ESN and ESN Lithuania, while ESN MRU Vilnius President Inesa Cvetkova introduced our section to new members. After presentations, we had some free time for playing some card games, dancing, singing and enjoying sauna. 

After this weekend we can definitely say that we are DreamTeam! A big thank you goes to every participant who brought a lot of good vibes and memoriable moments spent together :) 

And last but not least, the biiiiiiggest THANK YOU goes to our beloved HR Jolita who organized this event :)

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