We are happy to announce that Erasmus students for the spring semester have arrived! As usual, they went through the Introductory week that followed the registration day, presentations introducing the students to the procedures of the university, the tour around the new city they will be living for the whole semester and a couple of trips to have a better image of the diversity of the country.

Even though the Lithuanian weather is not very welcoming we are still very happy that a lot of students joined the Vilnius City tour and the City Quiz. Don’t worry, the spring is on its way and there’s still hope to see some sun and have warmer and more “friendly” weather.

The grand finale of the Introductory was the International dinner where the students had a chance to try out foods from 26 different countries. Congrats to the winners of this event and thank you guys so much for participating!

Welcome to MRU and see you soon!