On Monday, the biggest part of students settled down in a dormitory and in the evening everybody had unofficial meeting in a bar near university. Here they could get to know many new people, found new friends and just had a great time together.

Tuesday was an official day at university. Students were introduced to university’s structure, all faculties, subjects and general life in Lithuania. On Wednesday, students had a lesson about Library and after that everybody explored Vilnius old town with professional tour guides.

Thursday was a day for a special trip! Many Erasmus students and mentors visited the historical city near Vilnius - Trakai. This city is a popular tourist destination, which attracts hundreds of people every year. Of course, Trakai is most famous for its medieval castle, which is situated in the Island of lake Galvė. Students visited Trakai castle and then had the opportunity to try traditional homemade Crimean Karaites dish- “Kibinai”. They were really delicious! Although the weather was a lit bit windy and rainy, students and mentors had a great time in Trakai.

Trip to Lithuania‘s picturesque health resort Druskininkai completed the introductury week of 2016. Students who did not get afraid of the cloudy weather and joined the trip were surprised by the diversity of activities that were offered that weekend. The first day was dedicated to cultural knowledge. Students gathered for a dinner in which they were able not only to taste various foods but also to hear about other students‘ homelands and present their own country. Participants were also able to learn more about Lithuania, show their knowledge in a quiz and win some prizes.

The second day was even more exciting. Those who love active leisure were able to visit snow arena and spend half of the day skiing with a company of new-made friends. Others enjoyed the pleasures of sauna and spa and also splashed a little bit in the pools and water rides in the water park. After that students came back to the hotel to discuss their experiences and to relax after a long and exciting day.

In the last day most of the students went to “Grūtas Park“ (a sculpture garden of Soviet-era expositions) and learned more about the history of Lithuania and soviet times in general.  Other group of students had a walk around Druskininkai and visited famous local sights such as the Fountain of Beauty and Saint Marie‘s church.

Weekend‘s trip to Druskininkai was one of the best opportunities for students to know each other and start creating memories together :)


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