Once our older members of the section told us: “I hope you keep the tradition and continue to mention and celebrate our birthday”. So we did!


Few of our mentors tooks up on themselves this task to make the tradition happen. They decided that we need red carpet awards and give nominations for different roles in the section like “Stricktest” or “Most motivated”.


So we gathered in our lovely outfits at Tres Baracudos pub, enjoyed some snacks and started to to give out the awards to the people that were nominated. After a lot of awards, certificate hand outs and some speeches some of our collegues and friends from other sections and even ESN Lithuania members came on stage, congradulated us an gave us presents! We are thankfull for all. Also we got a surprise from other countries and exchange students! We got a video congradulatings us! (You can watch it on our youtube channel)
After the official part was over, we went to cut our beautiful cake, have some drinks, take pictures and have some conversations.

When we finished our cake and drinks some came to an afterparty to “Bling bling” (“Welcome party”) for all exchange students and of course ESN members as well.


We’re happy to say that we reached our 7th birthday and we hope that number 7 will bring us a lot of luck, as our fellow section wished us at our Birthday party!

For more photo's visit our facebook page: ESN MRU Vilnius