From now with ESNcard you can get 15% discount + free 15 kg checked-in luggage for 8 single (or 4 return) flight with Ryanair!


How how how?

  • You have to have VALID ESNcard or buy it from us.
  • Register in
  • When you are booking a filght, enter ESNcards number directly at one of the stages of the booking process.


  • This discount does not work with vouchers or promotional codes.
  • The flights need to be booked, at least, 28 days in advance, i.e. if you book the flight on 17th of August the discount will be applicable for flights starting from 13th of September. Also, the discount is only applicable from September to the 15th of June, meaning it is not applicable to summer season.


How to get an ESNcard?

You can buy it from our section during Introductionary week (or contact us personaly if you won't be at that time). Price – 7€. ESNcard is valid for 1 year in ALL Europe

More infomation: