Erasmus Got Talent is one of our biggest events, which always gather creative people with big ideas. This year the event took place in Mykolas Romeris University on December 2nd. The audience had opportunity to see wide range of performances, dancing, singing and even public speaking.

The performers were being evaluated by huge stars: Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Doctor House and Tyra Banks, who managed to share their past experience and give constructive criticism.

The participants were absolutely unique, singing popular and original songs, catching attention with memorable dance moves. The performance of Maelito definitely was something we didn’t expect. He decided to share his personal thoughts, which were really inspiring; it was nominated as the most unsuspected performance. What is more, Rui’s beatboxing got the nomination of International Office.  Best of the best nomination went to Nastia, for whom small technical problems didn’t harm and she was recognized as the best performer. The group Fire String amazed the judges and got Judges Favourite’s nomination. As for the public nomination, it was received by Francesco and Marta for their heart touching song.  In our event also participated two brilliant girls from Vilnius schools, it was interesting to see what they can show. During the break the audience was invited to take part in beautiful initiative, create Christmas cards for elder people. All in all, we were happy to see so many happy faces and we are hoping to gather even more unique and original people next year. See you there!