Erasmus Got Talent is not simply the grand event of the section of ESN MRU Vilnius, you can now claim that it has become a very nice tradition.

On the Friday of December 8th, Mykolas Romeris University welcomed not only its students but also guests to gather up and have a great evening.

The evening once again surprised with the number of people who came to watch the performances. Moreover, among the participants, the audiences had a chance to listen to the talented singers that were the majority of all shows. Having people sing in their native languages as Korean and Lithuanian as well as some popular tunes.

Among all the singers there were and diverse performances as a girl playing the violin, belly dancing and gymnastics that really lived up the place and brought some new winds in the event. The end was taken over by the band that gathered up specially for the Erasmus Got Talent, so in the meantime, as the judges were counting the votes they played some fun tunes and left everyone with the smiles on their faces. Not to mention the time flew while they played and there was no long and boring waiting before the verdict of the judges.

After all the awards and when the event completely ended we headed out to Salento for the afterparty.

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