In middle of April Erasmus students and ESN MRU Vilnius section mentors had a chance to visit the last two schools of this Spring semester. Like the previous ones, these two visits were good and memorable for all of participants.

On the windy day of April 13th ESN MRU Vilnius section took few Erasmus students to visit Vilnius Žemynos progymnasium. Two beautiful countries were presented by four great students – Slovakian girls and Hungarian guys. All pupils were quite active and very curious, also attentive and interested in presentations of our students. They enjoyed the guessing objects from painting on the board game and also learning some new very interesting facts about presented countries. Erasmus students were surprised by the knowledge of pupils, because they knew some facts about Slovakia and Hungary even before the presentation. Not too much but still quite fascinating!

The second visit was to Juozas Ottas Širvydas school in a little town Jūžintai on the 14th of April. During this visit 5 countries - Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus - were presented to pupils of the school by our active students. Students were separated into two groups for each two classes to present their countries more effectively. Pupils actively listened to all given information and some Erasmus students even showed a bit different and interesting ways of learning their native languages. Pupils learned more about different cultural life, history and famous people like inventors, sport celebrities and so on. In the end of visit, Erasmus students got the chance to see countryside‘s landscape and enjoy hospitality of all members of the school.

The last two visits this semester were as heart trembling, interesting and fun as the first ones and left many warm memories not only to pupils of the school, but hopefully to our beloved Erasmus as well.


More photos from these visits: facebook