On February 14th or Valentines Day, ESN MRU Vilnius and ESN Vilnius University collaborated to try help exchange students find love or at least have fun on that evening.


Since this day was almost in the middle of the week a lot of people probably didn’t know how to mention this day, so a fun and a little bit different way was going on a blind date! It was held in quite a spacious place at Crazy Bull Pub. And even of it’s big space there were so many participants that  the original idea sitting on chairs in front of the tables had to change because there weren’t enough of them! So everybody gathered friendly in a circle, girls in the middle and boys outside. While girls sat down blindfolded and had to wait for the first date, the guys blindfolded as well were led by the mentors to different sides of the circle to meet the first partner.

After everyone sat down, the rounds started! Everyone had a very limited time to meet each other, JUST A MINUTE! When the time is over, the guys had to move to the left to another girl. We had a lot of rounds. During those rounds if the person liked talking to other person, they had to ask for their name written in a peace of paper! That’s how they collected some names. The point was  to choose one name and after the rounds had ended they gave mentors those papers that we could find out who is the most desirable girl and boy!


While the votes were counted our lovely students from Mykolas Romeris University gave a small improvisational performance. There were a few song, and then another girl decided to show her skill by playing and singing. Thank you a lot for that!

The last parts were nominations. So we found out the most desirable people! But we didn’t stop there. Then we invited random boys and random girls as volunteers for a last game to find out who was the bravest couple. Three pairs of couples participated in a game where they had to switch all of their clothes with their partner! We are happy to say that they tried very hard and they were very fast. The winners got a bigger prize but those who participated also got some treats!

Hope you had great Valentines day!

More photos visit our facebook page’s photo thread: ESN MRU Vilnius