SocialErasmus week is coming!

ESN MRU Vilnius offers you many opportunities to be SOCIAL!

12th November - Presentation of animals charity organisation "LESĖ".
At first we'll have presentation and later we'll take bus and we'll go to visit animals. Sounds great? Just join us. :)

13th November - "Let's meet ERASMUS/Let's meet Lithuanians".
Get to know more about each others, about foreign countries, language and culture.
TIME: November 13 d. 18:00-20:00
PLACE: Mykolas Romeris university - Rotondinė salė

14th November - Visiting old people.
We are going to visit this place: Old people stay there and we are invited to come and spend some time with them.

***Are you bored of white cents? Do you have big amounts of white cents on your table, under the bed, somewhere in the shelves? Do you want to get rid of it and help for poor people at the same time? You can do it!

Collect white cents till Christmas and bring it to ESN MRU Vilnius room III-217. Later we'll buy some gifts and will go to visit children. Start to spread Christmas spirit already now!

11/11/2013 to 17/11/2013