On Tuesday Lithuania celebrates Užgavėnės. What is it?
A day when everybody tries to scare the winter with handmade masks, songs, dances and... PANCAKES, PANCAKES & even more PANCAKES! 
ESN MRU Vilnius wants you to feel at least a little bit of this tradition. Because of that, we want to invite you to our Pancake Day. 
Sounds boring? Trust me, it's not! 
We are sure that pancakes are popular in every country, but as every country has different culture, pancakes are different around the world too. We want to taste pancakes which are popular in YOUR country or maybe are just your favourites. So let's explore a wide variety of pancakes this Tuesday! :) 

What you have to do?
Grab your friends, decide what kind of pancakes you want to prepare and share the result with everybody! 

Event place:
Dormitory (Didlaukio 57)

Cooking begins at 18.30h
Your pancakes should be finished at 20.00h
The final meeting place (floor) will be announced later.

09/02/2016 - 18:00