Are you ready to finally do some sports?
We invite you to a tournment where you can compete with other exchange students not just from our univeristy, but also from other cities or even countries!

At first, you will have to make a team in one of all sports. During the first round of tournment at MRU, you will compete with other teams from MRU. After that, every winning team (of different sports) will compete with other universities in a National level. After winning the National level, your team will go to finals and compete in International level with teams from a bunch of European countries!

You can participate in this competition in these fields:
Volleyball: teams of 6 players + up to 2 back-up players
Basketball: teams of 5 players + up to 2 back-up players
Futsal: teams of 5 players + up to 2 back-up players
At least one girl per team in Futsal, and at least two girls per team for volleyball. 

So, grab your friends, make a team, register, and start your preparations to conquer all Europe! :) 

Don‘t forget to register here:

05/03/2016 - 10:00