Have you ever thought about what would it be like not to be able to see, to talk, or hear, or have any other kind of disability? Millions of people in the world know what it is like and they live all, or most of their lives not being able to perform certain everyday situations that look like a matter-of-course to us.

We are happy to invite you to the first ExchangeAbility event in Mykolas Romeris university, organized in collaboration with ESN ISLB! The purpose of this event is not only to have fun (although, we will have a sufficient amount of it), but also to raise awareness about various disabilities and change our perception towards people who have them.

Participants will be divided into groups that will have to accomplish certain tasks, which will help them to see the world from a perspective of a person who has a disability. The winner team will be awarded with prizes! 

The tasks will include:
• The whisper challenge
• Body connection
• The mystery box game
• The tasting game
• Charades
• The ball game
• Sign language

23/04/2016 - 11:30